This Moment.<br />Your eye is drifting Through this circular frame, border between efficient reality and your intimate senses.<br />This moment of high concentration,<br />reduced to your own truth.<br />no present - no future,<br />timeless.<br />Leaving this space is like waking up,<br />ready to get back in the stream of time,<br />observing all these marks<br />on a rhytmic body of black steel.<br /><b>Peer Robin, Innsbruck, Austria</b>

Georgia Creimer, INTIMATE SPACE, 2011, photography printed on glass, 240 x 180 cm
Panel 25/42, image and text contribution: Robin Peer, Innsbruck, Austria
Olympic Village, Innsbruck / House 14 / Black panels / 4th Floor

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photographic documentation:
Günter R. Wett
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